OptinSpin – Fortune Wheel Fully Integrated With WooCommerce Coupons (WooCommerce)

OptinSpin – Fortune Wheel Fully Integrated With WooCommerce Coupons

OptinSpin for WooCommerce converts website visitors into subscribers and customers. There have been many marketing tools being released in the last century to increase the sales. Optin Spin was created with the same concept but with different approach. Using the classical fortune wheel thing, optin spin makes easy to get the leads and engage your customers with fully customizable wheel with lots of options. Its fully integrated with WooCommerce coupons to make things automated with what you were already familiar and make things easy and full of excitement for both the site owner and the customer at the same time.

With OptinSpin easy settings, you can connect your Spinner’s email list directly to your Mailchimp specific email list with few clicks.

Optinspin provides customizable email templates in the back-end. There are two different templates one for Winning users and the other for those who were not lucky, which you can easily manage from settings section.

So the story here doesn’t end at the emails getting collected. You can even track the users who opt to play the wheel game. Optin Spin provides you complete details including their IP address, either they won the game and if won what coupon was that so that you may know exactly when where and what is happening around the wheel. And much more..

Still Confused?
Try out Live Demo For OptinSpin before you opt to buy your own copy for this plugin. In case you have any pre-sale question you can always ask us over here.


  1. Fully Customizable layout
  2. Change color of each section
  3. Add as many sections as you want
  4. Manage sections with drag and drop functionality
  5. Set Probability for each section
  6. Add your own logo
  7. MailChimp ready
  8. Customizable Email templates
  9. Link WooCommerce Coupons dynamically
  10. Enable/disable sound while wheel spins
  11. Enable/disable party poppers on WINNING
  12. Add your privacy link
  13. Complete documentation

Official Documentation

Click here to view our official documentation


  1. WooCommerce 3.0+
  2. WordPress 4.8+
  3. PHP version 5.6+


Version 1.0
Date :  2014-10-06
First Release.

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